How to Use Jealousy to Our Advantage

When we see that person who is driving our dream car, dating our dream person, or thriving in our dream job – we feel flushed and red inside because we fear that we will never have any of those things. Once we recognize that this is FALSE we can start to use jealousy to our advantage.

Although jealousy stings, it is a true gift to see our dreams in action. It is living proof that our dream is possible. Not only is it possible, but there is someone who has done it. Someone who has climbed the mountain, so that now they can act as your most perfect guide. You have the opportunity to dissect how they got what you want. You could call this person, read a book on this person, do whatever it takes to connect with them from a place of curiosity rather than jealousy.

**Before reading on, identify one thing you want that someone else has. Now that you have it in your mind, insert that item, person, or idea into the ______ listed below.**

Ask yourself “is there a reason I don’t have ______ in my life right now?” This question addresses two things key to dissolving jealousy. It acknowledges WHY the universe has not brought ______ into your life. And the other part highlights that ______ isn’t in your life RIGHT NOW, but at some point, and in the right way ______ will happen.

What you might see more clearly now is that jealousy is a test of our faith. Faith that you have in the world or in yourself that you can and will be happy. Do you believe that things will work out for you? Do you believe that you are capable of reaching your goals? Do you believe that you are worthy of receiving what you crave?

The affirmation becomes, “What I want is possible, and not only is it possible, but it is waiting for me.”

“What you seek is seeking you.” -Rumi


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