Relationship Issues

Experiencing the same fight over and over again with a loved one? Finding yourself pulling away in relationships and wondering why you have trouble connecting with others? Feeling unfulfilled and continuously let down or neglected by others?

Relationship Counseling with Vanessa

Dealing with any of the above relationship issues is painful – but does not have to continue. Therapy can serve as a safe space to reflect on your relationships, helping you to identify core beliefs about yourself and others, while also moving you towards new behaviors that can foster healthy, satisfying relationships.

How does this happen?

Simply through participating in therapy, you are partaking in an inter-personal dynamic that serves as a platform for exploring your pattern of relating to others. By developing our relationship, we will use our interactions and your emotional experiences, occurring in real time, to unlock and explore thoughts or feelings that are blocking you from enjoyable connections. Looking deeply into your relationship patterns is challenging at times, and is not a process that can be taken lightly or rushed into. For those reasons, I am highly attuned to my client’s comfort level, often encouraging them to guide our discussions so that therapy can remain approachable and productive. My belief is that the more our relationship can help you feel secure and free - the more it is modeling a healthy relationship that will inevitably influence your outside relationships.

Tackling relationship issues is also our opportunity to recall successful connections. By remembering what it is you enjoyed about others and about who you were in those in relationships, our time will reveal your specific action plan for cultivating fulfilling, nurturing, and balanced relationships that you deserve.

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