Worried about your teen? Want to help them, but don't know how? In therapy, your teen can gain insight into their behavior, develop skills for managing their emotions, and heal their strained relationships.

Teen Therapy with Vanessa

As a parent you may feel shut out by your teen, which is unfortunately common, but it does not have to continue. My goal is to uncover practical solutions that will enhance your communication, re-establish trust, and outline a new pattern of interaction with your teen that is not only healthy but enjoyable!

Working with adolescents who are struggling to understand themselves, having trouble socially or academically, and/or engaging in risky or self-destructive behaviors is my specialty.  After years as the school counselor at a high school in Palos Verdes, as well as the developer and instructor of Stress Management Workshops at local high schools, I have gained invaluable knowledge and tools towards helping and inspiring this age group.

What I have discovered is that teens want to be heard. They want a space where they can express their fears and doubts and ultimately learn how to make themselves happy. My work has included:

  • Guiding teens towards rediscovering their academic capabilities so they start performing well in school
  • Helping them remember their unique strengths so they begin seeking out positive friendships
  • Encouraging their excitement about their future so they make choices that set them up for success

Adolescent Counseling

Symptoms addressed in Adolescent Counseling:

  • Panic attacks or excessive worry
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of energy
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harming behaviors
  • Disrespect displayed towards you or other authority figures
  • Poor academic performance
  • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
  • Change in appetite
  • Irritability
  • Substance abuse
  • Difficulty sleeping

Does your teen display any of these behaviors? If so, you are probably concerned and also eager to find options for providing them the help they need. Introducing your teen to a Mental Health Therapist is a good way to begin the process.

After a detailed assessment, I can advise your family on a treatment plan for your teen. This may include suggestions for psychotherapy, referrals to a psychiatrist, nutritionist, academic adviser, or other professional services, as well as recommendations for more quality family time, more physical activity for your teen, or specific home rules, all of which represent a holistic approach towards treatment. If I believe Mental Health Counseling would be beneficial, and you and your teen decide you would like to work with me, we can move forward with setting goals, discuss scheduling and payment as well as make sure you understand and feel comfortable with what to expect from therapy.

The specific goal for treatment with your teen will be unique to their presenting problem, but my overall goal in Adolescent Counseling is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for teens to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, learn how to make better choices, and develop positive life skills so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

I welcome the opportunity of working with you and your teen, please call (310) 863-8748 or fill in the Contact form to the right for your free 15-minute phone consultation so we can discuss your concerns and hopes for your son or daughter. 

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