Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Experiencing intense amounts of worry and concern? Struggling to focus or live in the moment? These symptoms of anxiety impede our productivity, but also block us from experiencing the joy in our lives. Therapy can help you learn to self soothe and be present –the main objectives for managing and curing anxiety.

After personally struggling with anxiety for many years, I have a profound amount of empathy and knowledge to treat this uncomfortable emotional state. What I offer is an accepting space to facilitate your understanding of your anxiety as well as impart you with tools for you to cope and eventually thrive.

Anxiety Management

In Anxiety Management there are three main parts that will be covered throughout treatment that all work together to provide you the mental strength necessary for relief.

  1. UNDERSTANDING: We will dissect your thoughts and feels surrounding your anxiety. Through developing a clear picture of why, when, where, and how you experience your unique symptoms, we can lift the veil of confusion and chaos to bring about a more empowered stance over your life.
  2. ACCEPTANCE: By learning how to embrace your anxiety, rather than run from it or shame it, we can start to heal the part of you that is so scared. We will work to develop a loving internal dialogue so you can withstand your symptoms and eventually find security and stability within yourself.
  3. SKILL BUILDING: This is the most tangible of the steps, as it points to specific behaviors that are perfectly suited to ease your discomfort. These tools can include making lifestyle adjustments, engaging in breathing techniques, practicing thought stopping, taking a walk, or repeating a mantra or comforting phrase. The options are endless. Bringing a creative mind to this process is undoubtedly my strength and my passion. I have worked with countless individuals to help them find a specific plan for managing their anxiety and I am confident we can find strategies that work for you too.

Solutions are not as far away as you might think - ONE SMALL SHIFT CAN CREATE A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES. I am eager to work with you so you can start living the life you want and deserve.

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