Anxiety Management Helps Teens in School

Many students with anxiety find returning back to school to be a difficult time of year. Making new friends, adjusting to a new schedule and maintaining grades can make teens with anxiety feel incredibly overwhelmed. However, using anxiety management skills taught by a qualified therapist can drastically improve a student’s well-being. 

Increase Overall Wellness 

Living with anxiety doesn’t just affect a student’s mental health but can affect a teen’s physical and emotional health as well. Symptoms of anxiety can include feelings of agitation, fatigue, achiness and much more. These symptoms can cause students to withdraw and avoid trying new things. By acknowledging triggers that create anxiety in a student, the student can work with their therapist to find solutions that help them feel better overall. 

Lower Test Anxiety 

Test anxiety is a common issue among students with anxiety; the pressure of doing well on a quiz or exam can make students dread going to classes. Even if students spend hours studying, sitting down and taking a test may make them feel as if they know nothing, which can cause their symptoms to worsen. Using anxiety management skills will allow students to focus on their tests without feeling panicky. Ultimately, students should feel less nervous when taking tests as they work with their therapists over time. 

Boost Confidence 

Many students find that their anxiety makes them feel less confident. Instead of spending time with friends and pursuing their interests in school, students with anxiety may spend time worrying about how others perceive them. A therapist will help a student identify specific situations that make them anxious and will work with a student to find solutions. Over time, students will increase their social skills, feel more confident in themselves and will spend less time worrying about what others think. 

Managing anxiety can be a difficult but rewarding endeavor. Working with a qualified therapist can help students control their symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety management will help students feel healthier, happier and more confident throughout the school year and beyond.

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