Getting Out of Your Funk

“Break the illusion of dependency through the power of intention.”

I turn to this quote during those times when I feel defeated, deflated, and depressed. Everyone has a way of defining that feeling you get deep in your bones, when you are heavy, can’t remember the joy in your life, can’t imagine any joy coming into your life, and are just stuck and sad. What brings us to this place is a lack of hope. We can not see how, why, or when things will get better. The world is swallowing us whole and all we feel like we can do is sit and mope. But why sit? Get up. Move. Don’t know where to go? Or what to do? Well then, we need to find your INTENTION.

Intention is a fancy way of saying, your goal. What is your goal? Here is a simple way to find out: Go into your camera role on your phone, or your social media posts, or just simply look around your bedroom – what do you see? For instance, my camera role is full of pictures of nature, my social media is all about my family, and my bedroom is my zen oasis. What I see is peace, love, and harmony. So cheesy! But true! These really are the basic elements that I am trying to cultivate in my day. Try this activity and use the images around you to identify the emotions or energies that you are draw to and that are drawn to you.

Now that you know your intention, use it as a road map to getting out of your funk! My road map is usually to spend time outside, talk with a loved one, or meditate. Everyones road map is different, but the sooner you can narrow down three go-to activities, the sooner you can stop being DEPENDENT on factors beyond your control, and start standing on top of the world. Everything will start to feel like it is within your grasp. Possiblities will sprout up everywhere. And you will be acting from your divine center that is so capable and worthy of achieving your goals.

“When thinking won’t cure you, action will.”


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