Vanessa Volpicelli, LMFT practices out of a beautiful, sunny office located in Hermosa Beach, California. As a Mental Health Therapist, Vanessa’s clinical experience spans the academic, non-profit, and private practice sector - working with clients of varying ages and emotional needs. In addition to her psychotherapy services, her involvement in the community currently includes leading stress management workshops at local high schools, conducting enrichment groups for women in the South Bay, as well as volunteering at nursing homes and universities with her registered Therapy Dog.

Beginning her career at West Los Angeles Community College, Vanessa became skilled at crafting and implementing brief treatment plans - solidifying her solution-focused, strength based approach. By discussing solutions instead of problems, therapy identifies practical tools for managing symptoms, allowing for more immediate relief and a hopeful outlook. Additionally, in this setting, she helped narrow the gap in resources available to LGBT students by spearheading and developing the college’s first LGBT support group.

Her later work at Domestic Violence Shelters, strengthened her belief of providing a safe, nurturing space for victims of trauma to reflect, express, and process in their own way and at their own pace. This work highlighted the importance of balancing the need for encouraging new behaviors, while also allowing time and space for organic growth. Educating women on healthy relationships and uncovering interpersonal patterns, laid the groundwork for her clients to feel capable of enjoying life and relationships once again.

At a local high school for children with mild to moderate special needs, Vanessa was able to fulfill her original intention of serving teens, which was what inspired her to enter into the Mental Health field years ago. In this setting, she acted as the on-site counselor providing the students with individual and group mental health services as well as playing a significant role in the development of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP), which serves as the road map to their educational experience. Vanessa gained invaluable knowledge on the school system, strategies for improving student social and academic success, as well as effective ways of collaborating with professions, all to provide teens with the best quality of care. This holistic approach to therapy continues to guide her comprehensive treatment plan for her clients.

During her work with children, she also knows the importance of working with their parents. In a yearlong, intensive training program through UC Davis Training Center on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Vanessa learned ways to impart parents with specific skill sets that create lasting changes in their child’s behavior. Shaping her belief that one small shift can create a world of possibilities!

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