Intentions Can Become a Reality with the Help of a Local Therapist

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an intention and a resolution, and why resolutions typically fail but intentions frequently succeed? Intention is defined as a proposed thing or a plan, while resolution is described as making a decision to do something. Asking a local therapist about the discrepancy between the two can reveal a marked difference in ideology between them.


Therapists suggest that for most, resolutions are set with the hope of beginning a new endeavor or improving a moment of life. On the other hand, intentions are often part of a deep longing or a dream. That means intentions come from somewhere deep inside and are based on desires, while resolutions are optimistic imaginings. No wonder local therapy professionals rely on intention therapy to help clients realize goals.


Intention therapy is about finding a direction in life that can give meaning to it. The therapy can also help individuals recognize that a simple thought can define an attitude toward an object or goal. That means a negative thought can be changed into a positive thought; furthermore, by transforming that one, single thought, an attitude can be changed. Although that does not sound like groundbreaking news, the result can lead to a tremendous change in life’s meaning.


As part of intention therapy, the following can be set as positive goals:

  • Finding inner peace
  • Increasing love of self
  • Learning abdominal breathing
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Working out frequently
  • Improving self-awareness

Once an intention becomes part of an individual’s life, thoughts become more positive and attitudes of love toward self can begin to grow and flourish. Additionally, when positive thoughts result from intentions, they can be shared with others to help maintain grounded thoughts.


A local therapist can help create a self-improvement plan that really works. Like all desires, it can take effort to help fulfill the soul’s longing for improvement. Training oneself to think positive conscious thoughts can lead to positive decisions and actions, and that can make positive intentions a reality.

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