A Licensed Therapist in Hermosa Beach Can Help Your Self-Confidence

Vanessa Volpicelli, LMFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Being confident in one’s self is a key component of good mental health. Self-esteem, whether good, bad or in between, has an impact on your health and happiness. That’s why it’s important to find a licensed therapist in Hermosa Beach to help you develop confidence.

Signs of Low Self-Confidence

Many people who suffer from low self-esteem have similar thought patterns. These thoughts may include:

  • A belief that others are more important than they are
  • A sense of failure in life, in both the past and the future
  • A belief that they don’t deserve to feel good
  • A fear that no one really cares about them

Low Self-Confidence Can Lead to Trouble

What you think of yourself matters. If you have a low opinion of yourself and you continually compare yourself with others, life can be hard. These beliefs can lead to more serious issues such as depression and anxiety, eating disorders, and even self-harming behaviors. A person who has not sought help may continue in a cycle of negative thoughts for years or even decades.

A Good Therapist Can Help

The good news is that a licensed therapist can join you on a journey of building your self-confidence. Discarding old, negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive thoughts that build self-love and acceptance is a big job, but a good therapist can walk you through the process. A therapist can help you see all that is worthwhile about you as a person, with the goal of permanently convincing you that you are indeed loveable and worthy.

It Can Be Done

It is important to understand that finding self-confidence is possible, even for those who have negative thought patterns about their lives. The first step is to find a qualified and caring professional to guide you along the way. The journey to self-confidence can begin when you find a licensed therapist in Hermosa Beach.


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